Accurate tumor classification is fundamental to inform predictive biomarker testing and optimize therapy

Gene expression–based tests are proposed as diagnostic aids in cases with uncertain diagnoses. This study directly compared the diagnostic accuracy of IHC analysis versus molecular classification using a 92-gene RT-PCR assay for determination of the primary tumor site. air jordan canada This prospectively defined blinded study of diagnostically challenging cases included 131 high-grade, primarily metastatic tumors.

Nike Mid Blazer Women Cases were reviewed and reference diagnoses established through clinical correlation. air jordans canada Blinded FFPE sections were evaluated by either IHC/morphology analysis or the 92-gene assay. The final analysis included 122 cases. The 92-gene assay demonstrated overall accuracy of 79% (95% CI, 71% to…9 ( n = 39) IHC stains Cheap Nike Trainers Wholesale were used, respectively, Nike Shox Outlet versus 81%, 85%, and 69%, respectively, with the 92-gene assay.

Results from this blinded series of high-grade metastatic cases Womens Nike Trainers Black demonstrate superior accuracy with the 92-gene assay versus standard-of-care IHC analysis and strongly support the nike air jordan canada diagnostic utility of molecular classification in difficult-to-diagnose metastatic cancer.

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